2022 so far….

The new year started off pretty rocky. My twin girls went to their dads for Christmas break and ended up coming home with covid. They basically ended up giving it to everyone in the house, despite my best efforts to clean and sanitize constantly. Believe me when I say that I really did try my hardest to keep germs to a minimum. Later that week I tested positive along with everyone else in the house. The first couple of days of covid weren’t that bad…. aches and pains…. messed up nose…. but as the days went on I felt worse. I started to feel congested and developed a fever. I also lost my smell and taste…. sure I couldn’t smell the nasties coming from the bathroom, but I also couldn’t taste any of the foods i enjoyed. I didn’t even really have the energy to eat. On January the 18th, I noticed that my oxygen was dropping to the 80s…. NOT GOOD. I went to the ER. After 9 hours of waiting, I finally got admitted into a room. After 2 days they sent me home with no oxygen. over night i was dropping into the 70s. That next morning, I ended up BACK in the ER when i was poked and prodded with IVs again…. and put back on oxygen. I had to wait another 10 hours to be admitted again…. this time staying about 5 days. I hate complaining because I know so many people with covid had it sooo much worse than I did, but that doesn’t mean my experience was good because it wasn’t. At one pointed i started bleeding through my clothes and called for a nurse, I was crying and upset but it took them over an hour to come help me. One of my veins even got blown from the IV. its been over 2 weeks since I have been home and my hand still hurts. I still have covid brain fog…. BUT I am off the oxygen and doing much better. Food still tastes odd but slowly getting my taste back. My twins will be teenagers this year so you can imagine what I am going through there and my 4 year old is wild and loud like her daddy. lol. I love them all so much though. I missed them when i was in the hospital. Well, I think thats it for now… Will try to keep posting.

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